Green is the new black!

Little Bendy Bindi Irwin is at it again! Less than a week away from the first anniversary of her fathers death she has been out in Los Angeles flogging her new line in fashion wear called “Bindi Wear International”. Not sure how you think about it, but for me all I can say is that much as we love this kid… it seems a little over the top even for her.

Bendy Bindi Irwin

Clearly she has a huge marketable quality and her minders can be excused for their eagerness. After all, fame *does* die quickly these days as people move on to the latest celebrity. But it seems as if they are trying to squeeze as much mileage out of her as possible before the steam runs out of the affection train and the dollars stop rolling in.

Yes we realise she needs to secure her future and if possible the aspirations of her and her family to continue Steve’s work, especially with regard to Australia Zoo, but if it’s at the cost of her childhood wouldn’t that be too high a price to pay? Look around at people ranging from the Olson Twins to Lindsay Lohan… do we really want to see little Bindi go that way?

Nothing to do with me I suppose but it’d still make me sad to see so much long term potential being wasted for short term gains.

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