On a theme…

Literally on a theme, I’ve gone from virtually one extreme to the other in what music I’m listening to. Having recovered from the effects of Elgar’s works I remembered that last week I’d found a site holding MP3’s of all the Beatles’s early LP’s and downloaded the lot. So to cheer myself up I loaded them all up into a play list on Windows Media Player and set it all running. 🙂

Beatle's Album Cover

I’ve not heard a lot of this early stuff for a long time but, to me at least, it still sounds so fresh and inventive I can’t understand why more of it isn’t created nowadays instead of the (c)Rap music we seem to get so much of.

Admittedly these guys were tremendously creative and they had the best arranger available to push their inventiveness to real peaks in pop music, but surely there are more people who could emulate this style but in new ways?

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