Widgets ahoy!

I’ve got loads of Widgets on my screen… a few from Microsoft, but most from Yahoo. I have time (UK and Aus) Weather (UK and Aus) one that searches for my pictures on the machine and does a slide-show… also post-it notes, system information, news and a Dilbert thing that gets the latest cartoon.

Unfortunately until yesterday I never managed to get one that allowed me to stream music! Couldn’t work it out until it occurred to me I might not have the system set the way the widgets needed… and one thing I *didn’t* have was ‘RealPlayer’. Got it, installed it… and now I have Radio 3 (UK classical music station) blasting out loud and clear!! I have no idea what it is I’m listening to but I think it’s something being produced by Tuareg warriors from some desert or other. But at least it’s working!!
I’m now looking at the Australian ones also discarded because they didn’t work. Perhaps then I can get stations like Australian Classic FM… very polished is Classic FM. Try it on the web. Not bad I promise!! 🙂

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