G'Day Bruce!

Seems the UK is being visited by a rather large shark which might be yet another sign of global warming? Could be that soon the UK will be getting regular visits from some of these monsters and you’ll be getting the reports of people vanishing out of the sea with no trace being found.

Might sound odd but even when I look at the picture accompanying this, it still amazes me. For years I couldn’t understand how something which has such a small ‘face’ could be guilty of chopping people in half or swallowing them whole. Then I started seeing pictures like this one and realised just how wide its mouth could open. There’d be room in there for half of me and I’m no lightweight!!

If this was the last sight you saw coming towards you it’d be enough to make you die of fright before the jaws closed. Is it horrible or what?
Great White Shark

A cousin of Ol’ Sharkie here has been patrolling the beaches off the coast of Cornwall recently. Cornwall is the home of the relatively small UK surfing community so maybe this thing is sitting waiting for lunch to swim by. I don’t swimĂ‚ in the sea here because of the risks… minimal though they may be. I doubt very much if I’d get into the sea around the UK now either… tho since the country is sitting in the middle of one of the largest sewage systems in the world it probably wouldn’t be healthy even without the sharks! Sad really.

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