Well… I'm back!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Anyone who hasn’t followed the series must be heartily sick of it by now. The other hundred million or so of us who *have* followed the story will have just read the final chapter… for now.

Even so, loads of people haven’t read it yet, I’m not giving spoilers away just yet… though there are so many out there it’ll soon be hard to avoid them. All this aims to be is some quick first impressions.

Due to circumstances beyond my control… grrr… I didn’t start the book until 11:00 this morning… some 3 hours after I’d intended to. Not to worry… I finished it at 4:00 p.m. so it should have been worse. In total 607 pages ranging from incredible excitement, through the mundane… to a climactic ending that was every bit as magical (in the wider sense of the word) as we might have expected.

I think on this first reading I’d say it was a fitting end to the Chronicles of Harry Potter. Yes the writing is a little ‘loose’ in places… and we didn’t have all the plot holes and loose ends tied up… in fact there are more to work through. But it *was* an ending. I’m still not sure why Dumbledore saw himself holding a pair of woollen socks in the Mirror of Erised… but I have a bit of a clue now.

Overall… if you’ve not read any of the series… do so now. Read as a whole it’s a wonderful journey.

And with that I’m off to read through it again 🙂

By the way… it’s already available online in several different formats. I got it as a .pdf which I can read and search as I need to. Yes it smacks of illegality… but we bought 3 copies so I don’t feel *too* guilty about it.

3 thoughts on “Well… I'm back!

  1. Well I too am waiting to hear if you dressed up??? We bought the book in Asdas Saturday morning £5.00 -hubby reading it at the moment!!

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