Xu Jinglei – Whu Xhatei?

Never heard of this woman before today but it seems she is the owner of the most visited blog on the planet… she says. According to Technorati she’s 47th… either way she must be doing or saying something damn good cos I get *nowhere* near that figure ๐Ÿ™‚

In fact, much as I hate to admit it… hardly anyone comes here… except family and friends! Not that I’m complaining. The site was intended as a personal place to deposit my ramblings and complaints about the world and the way simple ordinary things conspire to make each day interesting… in the Chinese sense!

On Technorati itself, this site was reported with “Authority: 4 ยท Rank: 1,259,603. What does that mean?? God knows. Out of interest I looked up the Phantom’s site and got this: Authority: 1 Rank: 3,888,472. Not sure what that means either… especially when my friend kyte produced this from a site she hardly updates anymore: Authority: 56 Rank: 104,673… it’s all just a damn popularity contest!! ROFL ๐Ÿ˜€

So what does Xu Jinglei do to attract so many visitors… 200 million at the last count… seemingly nothing. She’s a Chinese actress who isn’t that bad looking. Other than that – beats me. Want to go look and see? Click here – but be warned. If you can’t read Mandarin it might be a little hard to follow ๐Ÿ™‚

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