Hey – the railway is coming!

Our wonderful state government has finally allocated $650,000,000 for the construction of a rail line through Rouse Hill. Not sure where it’s coming from… or even where it’s going to. But where ever it’s coming and going… it’s coming err… and growing! The figures are interesting. Seems it’ll cost almost as much to buy the land to put the railway on ($300 million) as to build the thing ($316 million) and another $56 million to ‘plan and investigate’.

Of course, it’ll still take ten years to build it… and the result will be a surfeit of drug dealers, pickpockets, thugs… and the standard packed carriages. Not sure if it’ll be worth the effort. The result isn’t necessarily going to be an improved locale, and the dirt and dust associated with the building work will be around for another decade… and after all… we’ve already *had* a decade of building around us what with the level of house building around us, and the creation of a huge privately owned new town centre only a kilometre or so from us.

Then there’s the ongoing upgrade of the main road. Add into the mix the real possibility that the main road itself will soon become a ‘feeder’ for a new expressway over the Blue Mountains and the conclusion is becoming clear. Basically, this idea that’s been nagging at me for the last few months has resurfaced.

I think it’s really time to move on. 😦

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