Carlton vs Zemanuk

Radio 2UE ‘shock jock’ Mike Carlton has found himself in deep doo-doo over remarks he made about the late Stan Zemanuk who died last week.

In response to a callers enquiry if he (Carlton) would be attending the funeral he is said to have quipped “only to make sure he was actually dead”. He is also reported as saying loathed and hated Stan.

Now I can’t in all honesty say I liked*either* of them much. Both are obnoxious and both hold views I want nothing to do with. However, if I had to pick one to ‘prefer’ I think I’d choose Stan who at least made me laugh now and then.

Unfortunately, Carlton’s comments have caused a kerfuffle with every media outlet jumping on the bandwagon to condemn him and demand he be sacked. It’s so bad even *his boss* is quoted complaining about his comments.

Thing is I don’t see why! These two spent 30 years hating each other. Could anyone reasonably expect the animosity to end with a death? Not I for a start.

In fact I think Stan would have been one of the people supporting Mike Carlton’s right to say whatever he felt… and I’d have to agree. As said, I don’t like Mike or what he says – but as the cliche goes…. I’d fight to the death to protect his right to say it.

Of course… his employers are driven by profit not principle so their opinion would probably differ. 😦

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