Those heady days of summer

Still dreaming of course. Yes the weather has ‘improved’ slightly but it’s still not warm. The car gauge registered 4ºC this morning so it is a lot better than yesterday, even *if* this has been the coldest July since 1986.

We managed to get out for a walk yesterday afternoon for the first time in weeks. Sun was shining and tho still chilly was quite pleasant. The kids rode bikes or scooters, I took the dogs. We wandered over to the garage to pump up the tyres on the scooter, to the doctors for some information, to the shops for a visit to the chemist and some lollies of e the kids and then home. The dogs came along too and they had a decent walk for a change so we were quite well served all in all.

Thursday and Friday look to be more problematic (possibly even traumatic) with visits planned to the dentist for the eldest and a party at a friends for the youngest. Would a party be traumatic? Yes if you’re our youngest. She has terrible trouble in groups finding it hard to relax and participate. Can’t think where she’d get that from! 🙂

So… since I’m not here I won’t stop. Loads to do and no inclination whatsoever, but it still has to be done.

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