Rizana Nafeek

No word yet on whether this girl has been executed by Saudi Arabia or if her life has been spared.

The case which highlights the lack of justice in the Saudi Arabian Shariah justice system is one being watched closely by Amnesty Internationals and human rights organisations around the world. It’s also being closely monitored by Rizana’s family who live in poverty. They have no money to help raise an appeal, not even to offer to pay the blood money often acceptable by a ‘wronged’ family in order to secure the release of a felon.

There is no real proof Rizana actually did anything wrong other than try her best to take care of a four month old baby despite having little in the way of child care experience. At the time the baby died she had only been caring for it for two weeks. Rizana, now 19, says she was threatened by the parents and so confessed to strangling the child whereas in fact she now says, the baby was choking and she had been trying to clear it’s throat. She withdrew her ‘confession’ saying she had no translators at the police station, no legal assistance, was under duress and may not have completely understood what she was signing. Regardless of any other fact, she was only 17 at the time and a child herself in almost any other part of the world.

The whole situation is sad in the extreme, yet her passing will be just one of thousands of other pointless deaths in the Middle East. Hers will just be more public and preventable.

4 thoughts on “Rizana Nafeek

  1. This country must destroy by USA and shape a democratic system. They follow 10000 years old traditinal system to death innocent people by their religion.
    Now we are in 21th century. Where are you SAUDI????

  2. I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

    Besides, all people really want is reform of the legal system.

    If that reform a form of justice allows people a real means of defending themselves and a system of penalties that doesn’t involve maiming, death or the inequitable imposition of penalties dependant on gender all the better.

    Not a lot to ask really? 🙂

  3. i have read many articles on this girl and the subject of saudi law especially towards Sri Lankan foreign workers and the sad part is that they treat the Sri Lankan’s like slaves. Most of the Sri Lankans have been abused, worked to death, and grossly mistreated.
    Last year saudi arabia executed 169 Sri Lankans for similar “crimes” so why should this be any different?
    This year they have executed 109 to date and it is common place to do so.

    The saudis need to control the over 100,000 Sri Lankans working for them and the best way that they see fit is Fear.

    The saudis control American politics and have 2 ex American presidents at their disposal so the question is how can we influence or stop this injustice?

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