Back again

Sometimes it’s easier just to give in than to fight. I think when it comes to the computer… I’ll just have to give in. There are things I want to say… and this is the only place I can get some of this down somewhere it might be read by a wider audience!

For a start there are cases like that of Rizana Nafeek a young Sri Lankan girl about to be executed in Saudi Arabia for strangling a baby. She was 17 at the time of the baby’s death, had no child care experience, and at the travesty of a trial was not represented by a lawyer. She may be guilty… she may be innocent… with a trial system of the sort she was condemned in nobody will ever really know.

Either way to be executed by beheading is a barbaric end to a young girls life and more especially so when it could well be for the fault of others. I hope the Saudi government will accept there might have been errors in the case and allow her to live. At the very least she should be given a fair trial.
There’s more on this horrific story here in the UK Telegraph.

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