Yet more Pottermania

Ok I wanted to write just a little more on the Order of the Phoenix movie and the imminent final The Deathly Hallows.

The littlest one hadn’t gone to the movies with us the first time so we took her this arvo. She’s only 8 but thought it was pretty good… fair enough. The eldest and I both thought it was great of course and was as good on the normal screen as in 3D.

Some things stood out for me this time, which I don’t mind talking about as I figure anyone that dedicated would have gone by now.

I really liked the little speech Harry Gave to the nascent DA group when he talked about having to do the best you can even when facing your death. Had me really choked up – again. I thought Imelda Staunton has to be singled out as *the* best performance of all in this film her portrayal of Dolores Umbridge. Whilst it didn’t totally mimic the book character, it was still a tour de force bringing to the screen all that evil bureacratic nastiness she embodied. Her simpering giggles as she tortured the children was quite chilling. With this performance she’s raised the bar in the portrayal of villainy in the same way Johnny Depp redefined a pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean! 🙂

There were a few odd little quirks here and there in the film, such as the introduction of the ‘levicorpus’ spell that didn’t make an appearance until the next book… but that’s the sort of thing only us lunatics would spot. Also the question of why Harry was charged with performing magic in front of muggles when that muggle already knew he was a wizard… and was then given a further demonstration of magic by the talking letter! Made no sense in the film structure.

There was also a **huge** hint about things not being as they seem and, from Luna Lovegood’s character… about “things finding their way” back (!!). In addition there the comment that “things will return” but “not in the way you’d expect”. Interesting for us Pottermaniacs. That sort of line could *only* have come from JKR herself.

So. On to the book.

As I said before I prepaid my book months ago… and promptly lost the receipt. So I went in today to ask what to do and Dymocks kindly provided me with a new one. This might ensure fewer kids are trampled underfoot in the rush on the Saturday 21st July… as might have been. Our shops open at 9:00 a.m. and I hope to be there waiting as the doors open… three copies ought to do it I think?? 😀
And so offline I go… yet again!! It’s hard this! 🙂

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