And a fond farewell… for now!

After a little thought, I decided I’m going to take myself offline for the next few days. The reason is simple enough… The last Harry Potter book will be out on the 21st July.

Ok I’m a Pottermaniac… a true addict… no question about it, but since this is the last book I’m going to keep well away from any media that might ‘spoil’ the ending by passing on any more ‘confirmed’ plot details… real or fictional. By the time the previous book in the series (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) was released I was aware that a major character (Professor Dumbledore) was to be killed off and I spent a lot of the book just waiting for the page it happened to arrive.

As the ‘Rampant Theories’ page indicates, it’s quite possible a large number of major and minor characters will be killed off in this final book of the series and I want to be able to enjoy the read without that foreknowledge.

I will however be back… probably the same day. When motivated, I can speed-read an 800 page novel in a few hours, though an in-depth careful study might take a full day. But I doubt I’ll be publishing any spoilers myself… hardly fair I think?

Just *how* I expect to manage without spending half the day reading the news, and visiting the various newsgroups I frequent I’m not sure. The house has become very scruffy since I started renovating the sites so that alone should keep me occupied if nothing else! And of course the kids are home for the week so I might even manage to take them out somewhere for a change. Either way… there’s a week ahead with no blog, no newsgroups, notchat rooms, no forums, and no e-mail. Can I do it? Who knows 🙂

Still… should anything major happen in the real world I expect I’d break the rule, so here’s hoping we have a quiet week. 😀

See you all soon!

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