Talking of struggling…

I updated this blog yesterday and discovered three days posts were missing. Went off to try to find out why and discovered the server was being upgraded and the work wasn’t finished. Ok… partly my fault that I hadn’t been watching closely but in all fairness I was told the work was going to be *finished* three days ago. Oh yes… also the database wasn’t working so I was a tad concerned I might’ve lost the lot… again.
So. After some discussion with support, they re-migrated the database… and all was supposed to be well. So I posted a few things to check my access to the database was working… not a lot… one asked if the Phantom could kindly let me have the lost posts back again. Turns out I needn’t have bothered.

Came back tonight to discover they’d found the ‘real’ database, installed it… and the ‘lost’ posts were now reinstated. Of course, this means it’s any *new* ones that’ve gone! There are times I could scream.

Right…Â all together now… Jinx… Jinx… Jinx…

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