Ooohh… Order of the Phoenix in 3D?

Us Pottermaniacs are waiting with bated breath for July.

In July we will see the release of the next in the film series of the books… Order of the Phoenix. The trailers are already looking *good* and I just learned it will be available on the iMax format… i.e. *huge* screen… with the last 20 minutes converted to 3D. Bearing in mind the end of the book has a massive battle scene it is likely to be really spectacular. I tried to book… but the local cinema doesn’t have details yet. Damn 😦

Also in July the final book will be released. What will happen in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is of course a complete secret… well mostly… but like most of those sucked into the world of magic and the ‘fight for good’ it’ll be *the* high point of the year. I’m sure J K Rowling will also be pleased when those millions start pouring into her swollen coffers.
Actually, for all the secrecy, I’m sure by now there are pirate copies circulating on the web… but I’m trying hard to resist searching for them… I’d rather get the full experience when the official release comes round… in 33 days or so… according to the widget I have ticking away on my desktop,
Can hardly wait. 🙂

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