Eo, eo, eo… vid, vid, vid!!

After not having bothered to try for years, we finally decided to record some of our DV tapes onto the computer. This was brought on by me having filmed the eldest at a school play which was performed entirely in French and having one of the other parents ask me for a copy.

Wonderful idea I thought even tho it wasn’t the best of recordings… except that the camera insists on FireWire as it’s method of choice for data transfer. Again a wonderful idea… FireWire is quite fast and suits the purpose… except of course that none of the computers come with a native FireWire port. Grrr…

So I nip up to my ‘store’ of computer bits and pieces and spend an hour rummaging through box after box of stuff. I found the connection wire easily enough… it was in a bag marked ‘FireWire’ so was sort of obvious. The port however was a different issue. Seems I have no expansion cards with FireWire on them.

However… I recalled eventually that back in the dim distant past… well 2 or 3 years ago… I bought a FireWire PCMCIA card for the old lappie . So I delved even *further* back into the piles of junk and eventually I found it tucked away in yet another set of boxes… along with a USB 2 PCMCIA card… lord knows why I bought that tho. Might come in handy tho so I brought it down just in case 🙂

Currently I’m occupied copying the video’s off the tape and onto the HDD and from there I’ll try to copy it to a DVD… and of course it’ll work perfectly. I refuse to believe (right now) that there will be anything to stop it recording… even though it’s never worked before 😀

Hope springs eternal etc.

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