Winter arrives

Winter demonstrated it has arrived over the past weeks by creating floods that killed a dozen people and caused a billion dollars worth of damage. Luckily for us, most of that happened to the north of Sydney in the areas around Newcastle and above.

The worst we’ve had, other than some heavy rain, has been a few frosty days. Yesterday the temperature when we got into the car to get the kids to school was hovering around 1ºC and the car windows were rimed by early frost. It’s very pretty but I could do without it. According to my weather widgets, it’s currently 7ºC in Sydney which I find hard to believe… maybe they are warmer because the city is close to the sea. In London the temperature is set around 20ºC but it’s raining. It iis after all summer in the UK so you’d expect it to rain 🙂

The wife was saying as we walked to the bus stop this morning that the relative coldness of winter is only here for a few weeks… 10 at most… and even then it only affects us because we are out very early. Sydney really has a very nice climate. True it gets quite humid sometimes in summer but it’s usually very pleasant. There are worse places to live.

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