Naked bike riding… eh?

Why was I not informed? Seems people around the world protested about the overuse of oil by the industrialised nations by stripping off and riding their bikes through various cities. They were naked in chilly London… they were naked in foggy Seattle… yet nobody got their kit off in sunny Sydney! How odd.

Naked Bike Riders This lady of quite ‘cuddly’ proportions was one of the riders and she seems quite unfazed by either the cold, the onlookers or anything else about the experience.

Well best of luck to her I say! I can’t honestly see myself doing anything similar. I doubt the police would be so tolerant of an unfit flabby feller fighting for breath while balancing badly on a broken bike.
There is a serious environmental and political message of course so if you’d like to see what it was all about have a look on the World Naked Bike Ride site for information regarding similar events in your city. Oh yes… if you decide to take part… please send pics?? 🙂

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