Pirates of the Caribbean III

So Johnny Depp rides again in PoC III and the burning question is if the hype is matched by the flicker? Well we went to see it this arvo and I can categorically say… yes… and no.

One of the problems they had was matching the sheer exuberance of the first movie. Their other problem was that the success of the first film was totally unexpected so there was no well hatched plot in the wings for the follow up. This was one reason the second film was such a turkey despite Johnny Depp’s repeated tour de force as Cap’n Jack Sparrow.

On the other hand, the crappy ending of PoC II meant those of us who loved PoC I *had* to go and see if the concept could be resurrected. 🙂

So what can I say about it. Well the computer graphics were amazing… but now becoming *so* brilliant they’re in danger of becoming passe! The acting… as good as ever, though the inclusion of Keith Richards as Jack’s father (?) was ‘interesting’. The storyline? Well… to say the least it was convoluted and weird with the addition of strange… and to say the least it was *very* hard to follow.

Overall I have to say I liked it… sorta… and can’t say it was a waste of money to see it. It wasn’t anywhere near as funny as ‘Black Pearl’ which was really sad. It had a few good lines… but nowhere near as many as it needed. Also, there was far too much graphic and unnecessary violence in all sorts of unnecessary places. Would I pay to see it again? Not in the cinema no… but I suppose I’ll buy the DVD when it is released just to be able to follow some of the dialogue I missed this time around.

Would I recommend it? To be honest… unless you are already a fan… not really.

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