Life's like that.

I zoom here… I zoom there… I seem to zoom everywhere. Until tonight.

After driving around like a maniac since 2:30 p.m. taking kids to skating and Guides and then picking up new desks… and then the wife… and then dinner… I got home around 9:15 p.m. As usual, I reversed up the drive… more essential tonight because of the four desks.

The car gets part way up the drive… and the gearbox falls out… more or less. Basically when it’s in gear it makes the sort of rumbling noise you certainly do *not* want to hear coming from under your car.

After some muttering and mumbling we cart the desks up the drive and into the house then the wife pushes the car (with me steering the thing) across the road and we park it for the night.

Right. Easy peasy… we call ‘support’… yes?

No. To begin with we have next to no idea who to call. The car is owned by used but via ‘Leaseplan’ who are responsible for the mechanics. Except it’s less than three years old so it’s maintained by the manufacturer. So I start ringing around.

Leaseplan have a number… I ring… and discover I’m ‘out of hours’ so they transfer me to the ‘after hours’ guy… who i out. I leave my number and time of call. I re-read the bumf we got with the car… and ring Chrysler. What do we do I ask the guy who answers.

He says he hasn’t a clue. All he would do is tow it to a holding yard until someone came to fix it… or not. Does he know what we have to do? Nope… and isn’t much interested after I tell him we are at home. Seems we can only call him if we’re over 100 K from home.

Of course… it *had* to be the weekend didn’t it? And we *have* to be at the skating rink at 7:00 a.m. don’t we? And it *is* the old man’s birthday this weekend so we’d organised a ‘big day out’… let alone the fact this is the last weekend they’ll be here this time so we wanted to something ‘memorable’.

Anyone want to tell me this isn’t “The Jinx” at work???

Will keep you update on developments.

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