Hi-ho, hi-ho…

Decided this morning, like a good pair of curtains, I needed to pull myself together so I girded my loins and dragged my sorry carcase off to the Diet Doctors for some motivation and advice.

Explained my theories about testosterone… and as usual got sidelined. Will have to follow that up again over the next few months no doubt.

In the end he decided to issue me a script for some stimulant or other… can’t recall what it was. I expressed some concern about these. He said there were minimal side-effects. I asked what about the chances of me going wacky and running down the main street naked except for two bananas sticking out of my ears… that’s e.a.r.s!!! That apparently would be a medical first… so look out for me in the papers.

Oh yes. Don’t look in the papers for a day or two. I dropped the script in the chemist and they were out of stock. The earliest delivery will be 11:00 a.m. or so tomorrow… so maybe I’ll make the evening editions?? 😀

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