Update on Blogger access

Well well… would you believe I finally got in!! Seems the last posts I made were on May 14th 2005… over 2 years ago. Anyone with the slightest interest in the old blog can see it here. Actually, whilst it may not be rivetting reading for most, I found it interesting if only because right at the beginning I mentioned the book of the site.

Getting back on topic, the issue with access was quite simple really. I show up online as ‘skyrider’… whilst the login username was actually sky_rider, with an underscore. Basically then not Blogger/Google’s fault after all.

Having said that, the comments about their appalling support still stand. I figure free or not, if your going to run a worldwide service then the support should be a priority, especially if you are going to tie it in to the rest of your business model! I wonder how many people furious with Blogger’s refusal to provide even minimal access to support have turned their ire to Google?

Anyway, after all that I doubt I’ll ever use the account much. It was handy to import it to provide updates to the ODPS site whilst I was rebuilding it, but outside that I’ve no real use for it. How many more places can I ramble after all? But at least it’s there. 😀

Am now about to go see if I ever registered myself as welshdog 😀

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