Currently it seems I *could* publish text… but not upload pictures to their proper folders. Something was changed in the structure when it was reinstated – but it’s fixed now. Good support at AussieHQ!!.

If you’re interested… which you probably aren’t but I’ll tell you anyway… I asked that the space I was renting to hold the Australian Opinion forum be deleted as it was now sited on a different host. For no other reason than to save money after all.

Anyway… they did as I asked… but this site vanished with it. I can only assume that for some reason the two sites shared space and when the space was deleted… it was bye-bye blog.

They managed to reinstate it which was pretty good… but there are a few settings not quite right and I think the jpg upload is one of them. I hope it’s nothing more serious than that.

Either way this looks like a good time to sort out what’s happening with these sites. There is far too much complexity and room for error. It needs some serious attention *now* before I lose everything!! Currently… if one goes they all go 😀

What a happy thought.

In the meantime… I’m wait for support to get back to me with a quote to simplify the situation.

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