Daughters musicology exam.

Had a call from the eldests musicology teacher. Your child is quite brilliant… but remarkably erratic. Well thanks we knew that. Also whilst she is not only more than able to keep up with her teachers train of thought and leap ahead of her very often… when it comes to writing it all down… she’s a disaster. Oh dear she is *so* like me sometimes 😦
Seems on the two practice exams she took she got around 50% where the pass mark is 65%.

Trouble is when she needs to concentrate on the day… she seems able to pour it out of her head onto paper and walk away, without a care in the world, and get high scores. For example, recently she took the NSW State Computing Competition (as most pupils in NSW have to) and without any revision or extra work… walked away with a Distinction… i.e. she’s in the highest 10% in the state. Drives me crazy!

All I can hope is that the same will happen in this exam… *did* happen… she took it yesterday.

Just to made me crazier… she walked out 15 minutes early and told me she thought she’d got between 70% and 90% so didn’t want to stay longer… arrgghh!!! I tried explaining that she should really have stayed to the bitter end re-reading her paper until she was *sure* she had 100%… but it’s like water off a ducks back.

Still, this was her first real written exam so maybe with time she’ll get as paranoid and neurotic as the rest of us.

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