Faces of Australia: The quality of mercy.

In 2003 Graeme Wylie was diagnosed Alzheimer’s’ disease and he finally died at his home in Cammeray in March 2006 aged 71 Shortly afterwards Shirley Justins (below right), his partner of 18 years was arrested and charged with manslaughter. His long time friend 75 year old Caren Jenning (below left) was arrested and charged with … More Faces of Australia: The quality of mercy.

Suburban Starvation

Somehow over the past few months, two eighteen month old twins were allowed to starve to death by their parents in Sunnybank Hills, a Queensland suburb. Their bodies were discovered by an eleven year old sibling who went into their room to try to locate the source of a foul smell in the house and … More Suburban Starvation

Racist Australia?

Over the time we’ve been here we’ve got almost used to the incipient racism underlying a lot of Australian society. The one thing in it’s favour is that it isn’t hidden away and that people are quite open about it which at least means it is able to be discussed freely. However occasionally underlying racial … More Racist Australia?

Waltzing Matilda – historical archive?

An interesting slant on Australia’s favourite folk song, and ‘almost national anthem’ has emerged thanks to the work of Dennis O’Keefe who spent 15 years researching the story. The fundamentals seem to be that Banjo Patterson, who wrote the song, was ‘courting’ the daughter of the squatter who owned the land where the events took … More Waltzing Matilda – historical archive?

Victory!! One in the eye for Jodie Powers!!

Some of you may remember that this blog has always been a constant supporter of Schapelle Corby. However Jodie Powers (below right), a ‘friend’ of Schapelle’s sister Mercedes, went on air in a TV program (Today Tonight) run by the Seven Network and said some pretty nasty things about the entire family. Understandably, with her … More Victory!! One in the eye for Jodie Powers!!

On the road again.

Seven years after being impounded by police, the orange and white Volkswagen Kombi driven by Peter Falconio when he was killed and his girlfriend abducted has been ‘released’. As crucial evidence, it’s been kept under cover all this time but is now out on the compound with crashed and stolen vehicles waiting a decision by … More On the road again.