Victory!! One in the eye for Jodie Powers!!

Some of you may remember that this blog has always been a constant supporter of Schapelle Corby. However Jodie Powers (below right), a ‘friend’ of Schapelle’s sister Mercedes, went on air in a TV program (Today Tonight) run by the Seven Network and said some pretty nasty things about the entire family.

Mercedes Corby vs Jodie PowerUnderstandably, with her sister fighting for freedom Mercedes sued for defamation. The last thing she wanted was for her sisters case to be tainted by association. The case got quite nasty with all sorts of allegations thrown about by both sides not least that Mercedes herself habitually both used and smuggled drugs and even impeded Schchapelle’s defence for her own gain!

However… news has just come in that Mercedes (above left) has won her case!!

I wonder whether Channel Seven feel they got value for money bearing in mind the$100,000 they paid Jodie for the story along with those two ‘all expenses paid overseas holidays’ now that they might have to fund a hefty legal bill as well!

Serves them right in my opinon. It’s time these media giants were brought to book. They think they can attack ordinary people with impunity… this time at least they got it wrong!!

One thought on “Victory!! One in the eye for Jodie Powers!!

  1. Channel 7 had no right to air these allegations without concrete verifiable proof..and are rightly going to pay for their shlock jock. But because these allegations couldnt be proven in a court dosnt make Mercedes innocent.

    What i find really strange is that the Corby team painted Powers as a deluded, money hungy drug addicted liar…and Mercedes white as the driven snow, never/hardly ever used drugs ect. But wernt they best mates..joined at the hip for years ?
    Youd have to be stupid or naive to think that they werent into the same stuff. One lifestyle is hardly compatable with the other.

    Just my 2 c

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