Chips or Crisps?

Was just writing a comment of The Phantom’s blog about Pot Noodles. I was pointing out that as embarrassing as it is to admit I recall liking ‘Pot Noodles’ when they first came out. At the very least they seemed convenient and tasty, but maybe for us in darkest Wales they seemed a bit ‘exotic’. … More Chips or Crisps?

Pavarotti gone.

The death of Luciano Pavarotti at age 71 one is a great loss to the world of music. I was sitting in the car outside the daughters school yesterday waiting to collect them and the 3:00 news came on to let us know he’d died an hour or so before. Pavarotti never really recovered from … More Pavarotti gone.

Pea and Ham Soup

Ok, before you start… I apologise for the length of this post. I got a bit carried away 🙂 Even so, there’s really nothing quite like a big bowl full of pea and ham soup to warm the cockles of your heart of a cold winters day. As a matter of fact, I was virtually … More Pea and Ham Soup


Was sitting in bed this morning and for some unknown reason I started thinking about the street in Caerffili where my grandmother used to live. I recalled that in her street alone there were several shops. A general grocer, a butcher and a fruit shop (as I recall). Then I started spreading my mind out … More Nostalgia