Chips or Crisps?

Was just writing a comment of The Phantom’s blog about Pot Noodles. I was pointing out that as embarrassing as it is to admit I recall liking ‘Pot Noodles’ when they first came out. At the very least they seemed convenient and tasty, but maybe for us in darkest Wales they seemed a bit ‘exotic’. Still, I learned to avoid them and so it all works out. 🙂

However, I then went on to recall going to a party with a girl (who’s name escapes me right now) who’s father worked for some market research company. At this party he produced dishes of these ‘flavoured’ crisps for us to try out. That version was a bit powdery because I suppose because the technology hadn’t been properly worked out at that stage… but I just thought “Wow… bloody great!!”.

It was a few months before they hit the shops but once they were there I was straight in. I think my favourite flavours were Bovril… and especially Oxo, but in terms of ongoing flavours I miss the old UK Cheese and Onion flavour most. I have no idea why but they just don’t taste the same over here!

Of course it’s more than possible they don’t taste the same over there either! Manufacturers are constantly changing formulas for one reason or another… often cost… so there’s no guarantee that old taste would be waiting for me even if I *did* compromise the diet and succumb to a packet of Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion. 🙂

Still… I can dream!

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