Day out with Summer

The daughter needed to go to WSU Hawksbury Campus on Tuesday (16th) to collect a book she needed that had been sent there for her, so off we went. Luckily… sarcasm… it was *pouring* and we were in a bad mood even before we left the house. Still, despite having to walk around three sides of the UNI to find the library, get sent to security to get permission to enter, walk *back* the library and then back to the car… in the rain… it wasn’t such a bad outing. At least I managed to walk over 12,000 steps. πŸ™‚

Here are a few photos of the day. The top one was taken inside the atrium of the Hawksbury Shopping Market where we stopped for coffee… and to buy Summer shoes because her thongs broke when she slipped while we walked across the college in the rain! I thought the atrium was quite attractive even tho these are artificial plants! By the way, the centre photo isn’t clear (taken through a glass pane) but is of a stuffed fox wearing glasses and sitting in a window of the Media Dept. πŸ™‚

As can been seen from the foundation stone (bottom left) the college existed for a long time, opening in 1891 in fact, tho the stone commemorating the beginning of work on the campus proper was laid in 1895! Back then it was the NSW Agricultural College but was eventually absorbed into Western Sydney University in 1989.

To be honest, the campus isn’t a place I’d like to have gone to. It’s *very* ‘dated’ and covers a huge area. To me at least, it didn’t really convey that ‘university’ feel. If anything, the ambience felt more like an open prison! Still, I’ll never go there so what do I know. πŸ™‚

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