Back to basics.

The blog is supposed to be what the name suggests… a ‘weblog, i.e. a form of electronic diary where you can store ideas, notes memories and items of personal interest. I tend to forget tho that this is why it’s here and ramble off in all sorts of other directions that have little to do with creating memories. What’s worse is forgetting to add those snippets completely and leaving days between updates regardless of what’s happening in my life or in the outside world.

One of the issues has always been the adding of images to the posts, which still isn’t simple on a desktop or laptop computers unless the images are already stored on them. Finding WordPress has got a decent App for the phone is making it all a lot easier. All I need to make it easier still is a Bluetooth keyboard that I use instead of the onboard soft one. I think I solved this tho and have bought a foldable k/b which should arrive in the next day or two (Monday I hope).

I’ll also add the WP app to the tablet my daughter kindly bought me for Christmas. I was *very* pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. I’ll probably still use the phone for the time being because I wouldn’t have many images taken with the tablet, still… it’s a thought. I *could* carry both and use the phone as a hotspot if I need to.

By the way, I tried voice input and it really isn’t as functional as I’d hoped. I’m yet to work out if there are editing options such as paragraph returns etc.

Options are opening up to keep this updated more often. 🙂

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