Another blast from the past.

TPP have slowly been returning my sites to their ‘original’ state. This site is a blog called “Green Acres” that I started not long after we’d moved to a new house and last written in back in 2013!! I’m reading what posts are there with some sadness. That place had been ideal for me and was almost exactly what I’d always wanted my home to be.

Sadly times change and for various reasons, few of which were economic necessity, we had to leave for pastures new, literally as it happens because we found ourselves on a little 50 acre nut farm several hundred kilometres down to the south of NSW. Even so, I still miss the place, and despite having moved house twice, I still occasionally drive past the old place and look at it with wistful longing.

We’d never go back there of course, even if the place came onto the market, there are just too many memories associated with it for us to cope with. Anyone who knows me will understand the event I’m alluding to, so I’ll not go into detail. Still, we *did* have happy times there as well as sad and, if it’s done anything, the blog has reminded me of the sort of dramatic turns life can take and the need to live in the present not dwell too much on the past. Life is a dynamic process which means we have to keep moving or atrophy and die. I’m trying to move on..

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