Issues with the COVId-19 vaccine to be used on Australia?

Australia health has determined the Astra-Zeneca vaccine to be it’s choice weapon against the current variant of the COVID-19 virus (see link 1). However, much as they’re to be lauded for trying to ensure the safety of the population it’s a little concerning that Germany has determined the vaccine *isn’t* recommended for use with those over 64, like soon to be 74 year old me (see link 2)!

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has dismissed the suggestion, but his track record with perspicacity isn’t as strong as it might be. The issues this throws up aren’t just related to the effectiveness of the vaccine, but also whether it would be safe, advisable, or even possible to take a *different* vaccine if one became available! If an alternative was made available despite having had the first, then I’d be happier to have the injection, tho I can’t see me refusing either way. At least some protection is better than none… assuming the side-effects don’t finish me off themselves.



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