Crazy times

In theory I have 20+ domains under TPP. In fact they are in suspension of a sort because when TPP took over Under Global they made a complete dogs dinner of it. I was so annoyed I pretty much ignored the entire thing for three years until I decided I’d like to take web design up again. To my absolute horror I discovered that (for reasons as yet unknown) they ‘lost’ my two main sites, ones I’d been working on steadily for three years or so. 😦

I’ve ‘made enquiries’ to see if they can repair the damage… which I doubt since one of the domain is on sale for US$6,500 which is a ridiculous price. To be honest I’m considering just abandoning the entire lot and only continuing with Eclectic Interweb. We’ll see, but I can’t see me rebuilding or repairing all those old sites. I just don’t care enough, but TalkTidy and ODPS… 😦

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