Free Rice?

Ok here’s a little ‘game’ to occupy your mind and do some small thing for world hunger as you go. You can find it at Free Rice and it’s just a little something to keep our brains active.. 😉

Basically you determine the definitions of words on a given list, and click on the answer. For each one you get right… 10 grains of ride are donated to help alleviate world hunger.

The words?? Well for me they included Calvous… which means baldness, and Tanager… which is a songbird!! Sadly I’ve never heard of them before… but luckily and Google Dictionary came to the rescue 😀

On the other hand I couldn’t find got ‘barbone’ and guessed… wrongly. It seems barbone is a disease of bison! You live and learn! 😀

Still I got to level 52 before having to guess so it could be worse.The result was I ‘collected’ 120 grains for donation.

I suppose 120 grains of rice might seem to be of little help by themselves, but if *thousands* of us did it… well those few grains would soon amount to millions – and that must be of some use?!

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