Xmas is coming

You probably are aware that Xmas will be here in just a few short weeks… if not you must be living under a rock! So are we ready? No we are not.

As usual all is chaos here. Financially we’re trying to assess the damage the recession is having on our outgoings and come to terms with the hugely increased outgoings… whilst still trying recover from the expense of last year, so are trying to ‘budget’ yet find enough to buy the kids something useful as presents… and of course in the middle of it I have yet another cold!

Lovely stuff.

At least this year I have the lights and decorations of the garage and into the house which (I hope) will give us time to get them up and give the house the appearance of Xmas spirit even if right now I don’t have much of it myself! 🙂

The daughters came back from Guide Camp last night and put the tree up in the lounge area and are waiting for me to find the tree lights to let them get into dressing it.

We have two other trees to erect as well. One for the upper back room (what was the computer room) and the ‘dining room’ which was the parents room while they were here.  Once the three trees are up it will brighten the place and might even drag this miserable old git into some sort of action and get me out putting the lights up in the garden!

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