They came – they went.

A few days ago I posted “They’re Coming” because the local council decided our trees needed pruning to allow better access across what is laughably known as ‘the nature strip’, theoretically our poperty but in fact used to create pedestrian access along the street.

So today they came. I could hear the saws as they hacked at the branches, and the racket of the grinding machine chewing the wood and leaves to mulch… but couldn’t bring myself to watch. I’ve seen what happened in other streets and it wasn’t pretty! Eventually of course I *had* to go out and naturally took the camera with me – which naturally ran out of battery before I was able to take more than one shot!!

Well, as it is could have been, it could have been much worse. They did at least leave the upper parts of the trees with some ‘shape’ and didn’t simply lop anything off that could conceivably have brushed against the garbage trucks as they wend their way though.

Does it look better? Hard to say really. Personally I liked the over growth the way it was, but I can’t deny it looks ‘tidier’ being able to see the edges along the street. Besides, in another two years or so the remaining branches will droop back down towards the light the way they always do. With any luck by the time the loppers return the Bouganvillea at the base of the trees will have grown through the canopy.

It’ll be interesting to see how they deal with the two inch long thorns? 😀

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