They're coming!!

We’re a scruffy bunch here sometimes. For example, I like a bit of ‘wildness’ in the garden and so apart from throwing handfuls of slug pellets out now and then I tend not to do much in the way of pest control. Likewise I do *very* little pruning in some areas.

Once such area is the far right of the property (as you view from the street). Over the past 9 years the vegetation has grown slowly and now forms what, to my mind at least is quite an attractive little area, as you might agree from the photo.

Naturally it look better in real life, and in a larger photo come to that, but I hope this gives you an idea anyway.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well as you can tell from the photo, the far end of the garden has formed a natural arch which does rather cause difficulties for anyone trying to walk along this side of the road. This state of affairs is soon to be resolved however because the local council has taken it upon them selves to ‘prune’ all the trees on the estate to make it ‘safer for pedestrians and improves vehicular access’.

In other words they are about to hack our beautiful little ‘wild area’ to pieces.

I’ve taken this photo and a few others to remind me what it looked like before the butchers have had their evil way with the vegetation and I’ll publish a few ‘before and after shots’ so you can see if it *is* an improvement… or if it truly *has* ruined what I thought was a very pretty little corner.

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