Comment Spam on the rise!

Over the past couple of days there’s been a dramatic rise in the comment spam that’s arrived on all the blogs I write in so I’ve had to change the settings to make it compulsory for anyone who wants to comment to first register and then log in.

It’s a PITA but I can’t be spending hours deleting messages offering ‘hot chicks’ and/or viagra at cut prices! 🙂

I’ll look round for a decent ‘CAPTCHA’ plugin, then disable the registration requirement and see if that makes things easier. In the meantime all I can say is sorry… but if you know who is sending this stuff, please kneecap them??


I’ve added a few extra features that make registration a pain… but should mean only ‘real people’ will be able to register and post comments. Sorry for the extra hassle but as I said earlier, the ‘bots’ have found a way around the basic protection offered by WordPress. If this works I’ll install it on all the other blogs… which is sad but ‘whatcher gonna do eh??” 😦

Edit 2:

Ok… the new Registration requirements are over the top so I’ve disabled it for the time being. I’ll have another rethink. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Comment Spam on the rise!

  1. I am not getting that much spam on either site, at least no more than has been there since I started looking after it

    I wish they could put their talents to good use instead of messing up blogs and other peoples computers or alternatively, get a life.

  2. You won’t be getting much yet on the campervan site because the url hasn’t been added to the larger databases. Once it is there it’ll start coming.

    It’s harder for them to find the photot site because it has an odd name *and* because the domain automatically asks for a password when someone tries to access it which slows them up a little! 🙂

    Still, as you can see from the stats on the left nearly 25,000 comments have been blocked on here alone since the last time I installed Askimet!

    Can you imagine having to try to sift thru them to find real comments and delete the others? It’d be a full time job!! 😦

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