What *is* 'out front"?

I thought I’d post a few pictures to let you see the front gardens. Not that they are anything spectaculat but it might stir the memory for those familiar with it 🙂

First the ‘right hand side’ as you look at the house…

Then the left – much scruffier. We need to plant the bare weedy parts and/or cover with woodchip.

And lastly looking back twoards the drive from the front door…

As you can see it’s a quiet little garden. Fairly private despite being on the main road. If I remember I’m post more later on, maybe of the pool and tiny back area. 🙂

10 thoughts on “What *is* 'out front"?

  1. Gardens look lovely, it’s changed a lot since we were there – can’t see the coconut tree though, was sure you would be knee-deep in coconuts by now. Hahahaha

    1. Well we were hoping… it just never sprouted. Maybe it was infertile… or Sydney is just too far South… or it just didn’t like us! 🙂

      Wouldn’t grow whatever the reason.

    1. Actually I tried but the software would only let me load one then it stopped me. I’ll have another go…

      … but to be honest you’ve already seen the best bits… the rest is a postage stamp sized mess!! 😀

    1. The fruits are lemons! I’m sure the lemon tree was here long before you came to stay?!? 🙂

      Hanging on the arch is a Mandevilla! When (if) if flowers I’ll post more. Also on the arch is a passion vine we planted when it looked like the Mandevilla was dying… and then forgot about.

      Recently we thought the vine was a weed so yanked bits off when we saw it. Then of course the remnants flowered… boy did we feel a bit silly!

      If you hadn’t noticed, the things in the tubs on the right are rhubarb plants.

  2. Am loving the garden. Funny to see it now as it was just starteed when I came and just finished when I left.
    Would love to see the back garden, am wondering if it managed to develope without the dogs ripping it all up 🙂

    1. Not really – they ate most of the plants tho some have finally started growing. Most of those left really need replacing as well because they just weren’t suitable for such a small space!

      Over all the effect currently is ‘scruffy’… suits me. I’ll get round to ‘doing something’ with it sooner or later. Probably later. 🙂

  3. The ‘private’ family gallery can be accessed vis the ‘Imagery’ like on the right sidebar! 🙂

    My own small gallery attached to the blog only has a few photos in it so there’s no point telling you where it is yet.

    If (when?) I load more in I’ll add the link to the sidebar as well.

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