Dog days.

The Dog’s birthday on Monday last – I turned the corner to see “61 years old” on the calendar! Bearing in mind I expected to be dead by age 30 this could be worse… could also be better I suppose. Kids bought me a couple of interesting gifts. Eldest bought me a copy of “Marley and Me” about an idiot Labrador and his friend. Reminded me of three things.

Firstly our old Welsh Springer dog Cookie who died more than 12 years ago and is still very much missed. He was so much a part of the family he was more a child than pet.

Secondly the story reminded me, of course, of our current Labrador who was originally called ‘Snoop Dog’ then Snoopy… and now answers to the name ‘Stupid’. If *I* ever write a book about him you’ll understand why, but if you get the chance to read “Marley and Me” you’ll get the idea.

Lastly it reminded me how old my daughter is getting and how much of a sense of desolation I already get over her growing up. She is no longer ‘my baby’ except in my mind. No more picking her up for a cuddle and a tickle fight… she’s tool old… and too big! She could probably pick *me* up now! And who in their right mind would start a ‘tickle fight’ with a girl who’s a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do (something else that happened whilst I was away)??

Oh yes.. she also bought me a heating and vibrating pad for my chair so I can massage and warm my back whilst I work! Very handy. Not tried it yet but I think I should… the back has been killing me what with all the work I’ve been doing recently!

Moving on, the youngest bought me two strange little things. One was a small resin pig relaxing with a big smile on its face. She also bought three model Buddha’s (don’t ask why… I’m sure I don’t know). They are in the form that is usually seen on the ‘three wise monkey’s, i.e. hands on ears/eyes/mouth “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. They’ll go upstairs on the shelf next to my little brass Buddha!! 🙂

The wife bought me a cute little bear holding a clip for memo’s etc… around its neck is a heart shaped sign sign reading “I love you”. Awww… !

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