Yet more apologies for the absence.

As I pointed out a few posts ago, over the years the I’ve accumulated masses of computer gear, and being a bit of a magpie (not to mention being quite poor for large chunks of my life), I find it hard to throw anything away… just in case it might come in handy.

We’re a little better off currently, and anyway most of the gear that found refuge here has finally morphed into refuse and simply had to be dealt with.

I can’t show you the extent of the problem, but let me give a hint by saying over the past few weeks I’ve emptied 5 x 90 litre crates, 6 x 41 litre crates and a dozen or more smaller ones. And this was just inside the house! I’m yet to arrive in the garage yet and make a start in there (assuming I can actually get in that is).

I *still* have a dozen or more computers and routers waiting to be checked and added to the garage sale pile, but work is slowly moving along and I should be back blogging merrily away in a week or two. 🙂

The refuse collectors are doing their bit by allowing me to fill the garbage bins multiple times as they manoeuvre the street so at least the outside of the house is remaining almost acceptable. Which reminds me… there is *so* much gardening to be done as well!!

Priorities… priorities… ok… I think the house comes first. Garden can wait.

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