Summer is on the way!

Interesting day today. The eldest daughter finally had her Black Belt test and seemed to pass well enough to gain her belt – she’ll find out in a few weeks after her holidays. We were a little concerned about her because they were wearing their thick black outfits and the temperatures were steadily rising!

When they went in the temperature at mid-day was already over 30ºC and they had an hour solid exercise to contend with! Still – she both survived the heat and passed (we think) and that’s really all we were concerned about.

From there the rush was on to get her to her Jamboree camp so off we flew down the road. The journey was bad enough as it was but made worse by the air-conditioning in the car which decided now was an ideal time to stop functioning entirely.

Driving along with the windows down is bad enough in a normal car. In a Chrysler Voyager people mover which has no side windows it is a nightmare. Travelling along the motorway, we had to close the windows to keep the ear popping noise in check. But then the temperatures that were rapidly rising to over 35ºC were forcing us to open them so it was a dance along the road with the windows seeming to move up and down of their own volition!

Of course we got there, deposited her in the loving care of the troupe leaders and off we drove, homeward, but at a far slower pace.

If this is a taste of what summer has to offer then the sooner we fix the air-conditioning in the house the better… yes that broke down as well! 🙂

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