On the mend?

Well yes, I’m ‘sort of’ on the mend. I can’t say I feel as bad as I did, but I’m still ‘out of it. I’ll take a few extra days off and try to make sure I’m back properly. No point trying to force things after all.

I’ve done very little posting in the forums. Hardly been on ‘Messenger’ or ‘Google Chat’, in fact I’ve missed most of everything and everyone this week!

Sadly because I’ve spent most of the week half conscious, I’ve also missed most of this weeks ‘Angela Catterns shows’ and so have *no* idea where she’ll be popping up next – if at all! That’s so sad after waiting all this time to hear her again. C’est la vie, maybe next time.

So, again, I apologise for the lack of posts but at least you know I’ve here somewhere, even if I’m not particularly loquacious right now.

Got to go, I feel a sneeze and some more dry hacking coughing coming on. Back soon… I hope. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On the mend?

  1. Happy to see that you are slightly back in circulation again – I gathered that you were not very well as I have left “instant” messages for you without respobse – anyway, good to hear from you even if you are only slightly improved – better than the reverse. lol

  2. Good to hear you’re back up and about chap. Still have to take it easy for a couple of days though.

    Get those wretched children working 15 hours a day for you instead!! 🙂

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