Graffiti goons.

As I’ve mentioned several times I’ve managed to become involved with the parents support group for the local Girl Guide group. The parents, Leaders and the girls themselves are very proud of their little hut and over the past few years have gradually renovated it from a basic ‘shed’ to a pretty little meeting place which is bright and cheerful.

Of course, being what it is, it’s a little ‘exposed’ but until Saturday we’ve been relatively lucky in that apart from a few broken bulbs in exterior lights, no damage has been done. On Saturday however we suffered the first real ‘attack’ from vandals with the appearance of a small patch of grafitti on the front wall of the hall.

Graffiti on Guide Hut

Ok it wasn’t a particularly bad attack… this time… no foul language or pictures, and no ‘tagging’. All we have is a picture of a stick figure and the name ‘Dilbert’ but I doubt it was Scott Adams!!. It’s the aftermath that is the problem.

The work involved in spraying took at most 30 seconds and cost a couple of dollars.

Yesterday one of the parents attempted to use a pressure sprayer to remove it. Didn’t work. Today I went to a local hardware store and bought a garden hose, a ‘pressure nozzle, two scrubbing brushes, and a bottle of ‘Graffiti Remover’. The two daughters and I spent an hour or so spraying, scrubbing, and washing and the result as you can see from the picture was… pretty minimal (though I *did* manage to wrench my back again!)..

I’m now considering calling the District Leader (called Marloo in Guide language!) and suggesting we simply paint the brickwork white and the repaint it when we get repeat attacks as we almost certainly will. The cost and the time involved in trying to remove this stuff is simply not worth the effort in my opinion when a coat or two of paint would be both quick and easy.

On the other hand if anyone has some ideas about an effective way of getting this paint off, well let us know… I certainly have no ideas.

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