Vale Jane McGrath

After an eleven year fight against cancers, Jane McGrath has finally died aged 42. She died surrounded by her husband cricketer Glen McGrath and her two young children. Jane first developed breast cancer back in 1997 two years after meeting Glenn, but after chemotherapy beat it off. She had two children and then in 2004 developed cancer on the hip. That she also beat off, but last year she developed on inoperable cancer of the brain. Earlier this year she had some undisclosed surgery but finally succumbed to ‘complications’.

Jane and Glen McGrath

That she was a clever and beautiful woman would have been enough of a legacy but she and Glenn founded the McGrath Foundation which has so far raised over $12,000,000 towards breast cancer research.

Anyone wishing to donate to the fund and help prevent other families being torn apart this way can visit the donations page.

One thought on “Vale Jane McGrath

  1. Glen, you don’t know me, but I have often watched you play when the Aussie team was in South Africa, and I know I am not the only local cricket fan to say this……….when you came on to bowl to our guys, we got a knot in our stomach, because we knew that you gave it your all, and in plain english, were one of the best damn bowlers our guys had to face – despite what Shane Warne might say about that.

    My prayers and condolences go out to you and your family.

    Looking at the picture of the two of you, whilst I have no idea where you stand in Christian terms, all I can say is that, while her passing is a tragic loss to you, Heaven has gained another angel.

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