River Deep Mountain high

That doyen of the red carpet, Joan Rivers, has put her foot once again in her somewhat oversized (and some might say overused?) mouth when she let fly with some interesting expletives during a live broadcast on UK television.

During the Program “Loose Women”, Joan (aged 75) she described Aussie actor Russell Crowe letting fly with a couple of obscene words which resulted in her being ejected from the studio instead of continuing the program after the commercial break. The host, Jackie Brambles. apologised a couple of times and the program continued.

Joan Rivers CollageAccording to Joan she thought the program had the usual ‘7 second delay’ giving producers time to ‘bleep out’ offensive words and apologised for the error, but noted she wasn’t given the ‘goodie bag’ most stars receive for appearing on the show! 😀

However, it must be said that at the very least the ‘indiscretion’ has provided her with far more publicity than she would otherwise have gleaned from appearing on the show and will no doubt help boost ticket sales for her West End show “Joan Rivers: A Work in Progress by a Life in Progress” in which she makes her UK acting debut.

It’s a sad reflection on UK TV that their famous irreverence and sense of humour has been subdued by political correctness to this level of po-faced embarrassment over such a trivial issue. Joan Rivers is a very clever woman, I like her. Ok her face has been lifted so many times she now sports a beard but for all that, and for all her occasional crudity, she can be a very *very* funny woman.

Full coverage from The Grauniad.

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