Six of one… five of the other.

I like finding things like this out in the wide world. No idea why I spot them when other people just pass by… or maybe they do see them and choose to ignore it. Either way, this I saw in the local ‘Lincraft‘ store (Lincraft sell lots of stuff for craft, dressmaking and the like – great place for a rummage!). We’d gone in to buy ‘things’ for the daughters Roman shield but came away with just the felt for the backing.

five in one... or six?I suppose looking at it, the reason I thought it was odd isn’t as obvious as it might be…. but look again for the little mistake.

Well, In case you’re wondering the point isn’t the decoration on the hammers, as interesting as that decoration is. To be fair I thought they were quite attractive in their own way, though admittedly not the sort of thing to wander on to a building site with… even in Wales.

Besides, I’d have thought the first time the tool was used in anger the decoration (enamel?) would flake off or/and shatter which would sort of destroy not just the hammer but the purpose of buying it.

Nope. The reason it caught my eye is that the box the tools were supplied in clearly describes them as a “6 in 1 Hammer Driver” and yet whoever drew up the sales blurb on the poster beneath, declares it to be a “5 in 1 Hammer”.

Obviously they can’t both be right so I’d assume the manufacturer has the hammer nailed, so to speak which means some ‘marketing guru’ at Lincraft needs a boot up the backside for their lack of attention to detail !! πŸ™‚

Well alright it was hardly an earth-shaking error, but us pedants find this sort of thing aggravating. Oi… you with the dirty mind… that’s “pedant“… look it up!! πŸ™‚

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