Trannies rule in South Wales?

I was scrolling through one of the two CD’s we have of photos from our holiday in the UK. Apart from the family photos (some of which which I’ll try to upload to the gallery later) I found this interesting little shot!

This display was at the McArthur Glen, Designer Outlet outside Bridgend. The wife spent £2,000 – £3000 buying clothes perhaps because she forgot the 2:1 difference between Aussie dollars and British pounds!?! 🙂

Perhaps Not?To be fair it was worth the cost. Some items were 50% below original retail price and the quality showed. We’d already spent several hours meandering around Oxford and Bond Streets in London but found nothing she liked.

Either way, it raises interesting questions about guys around the South Wales area. Is this really a sample of the underwear they’d expect to wear!?!

If so, things have certainly changed since the mines closed. My grandfather and his mates would have dropped dead before wearing an ‘over the shoulder boulder holder’. 😀

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