Assault by hedghog.

A New Zealand man has been convicted of assaulting a teenager with a hedgehog. No idea why but William Singalargh, aged 27 was convicted of assault and offensive behaviour after he threw the hedgehog at a 15 year old boy who was returning home.

The animal struck the youth on the hip and some of the spikes were left stuck in his hip. As a follow up to this when the boys mother intervened, Little Willy dropped his daks and waved his backside at her!

No idea what happened to the hedgehog afterwards, but as the thing had been used for a game of hacky sack by Willy and three of his mates shortly before the incident it is unlikely it was in any state to survive.

In New Zealand by the way, Hedgehogs are regarded as pests because they have no natural predators so have multiplied and eat anything small that wriggles, hops… or just stays still long enough to get munched.

Even so, using one as a piece of sports equipment isn’t a good idea… ask Alice!!

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