Alzheimer's Test?

I lifted this from the pages of the UK Daily Mail and it purports to be a ‘test’ anyone can take to determine if they have Alzheimer’s Disease. Basically you answer the questions below and if you say yes to one or more… go talk to your doctor..

Atzheimers - crucial questions test

Well that’s all very well and good… but exactly do they *mean* by ‘an impact’? I think I could tick a few of those boxes and say they have had ‘an impact’ on my life… but they’ve been having ‘an impact’ since I was *very* young.

For example I’ve had constant comments on my forgetfulness. Also I repeat myself in conversations constantly. I’ve even been known to repeat stories to people who told *me* the story originally as if it was me who said it first (embarrassing or what??)! I get depressed *and* anxious about having such a bad memory yes… but it’s been like it my entire life. Ok it’s worse now than in the past but still I once drove home leaving the baby in the shopping trolley and I got regular calls from the shopping mall telling me I’d left my phone behind somewhere… again!

Also I find it hard to follow conversations or programmes on TV… but that’s mostly because I can’t hear clearly and partly because sometimes (mostly?) the programmes are such dross you have to force yourself to pay attention!

My point here is that I doubt very much if I could yet be considered to have developed Alzheimer’s Disease despite quite clearly having a few of those ‘symptoms’ listed above and I think it is a tad irresponsible to print them so baldly telling people to rush off to their doctors for help. I’d have thought GP’s had enough on their plates without people popping in for a psychological test or two just on the off chance they might be suffering from something that might take 10 years to develop even if they have it and can’t be fixed anyway!

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